Oxlot 9, James Beard Award Entry in Restaurant Design, Branding Copy

Task: Crafting a statement no more than 250 words to describe the various facets of restaurant Oxlot 9's design. The copy had to explain how the physical decor, branding, and food all contributed to the overall design of the restaurant.

Collaborators: Oxlot 9 and Ideogram Studio

Photos by  Stephen DeVries . 

Photos by Stephen DeVries

Copy:  Situated among the centuries-old oak trees and cozy cottages of Louisiana’s Northshore, Oxlot 9 has made the historic downtown of Covington a destination for upscale Southern seafood. While the flavors of Flash-Fried Frog Legs with Hot Sauce Butter and Crispy Almond-Floured Pompano prepared by Chef Jeffrey Hansell are enough to draw people across Lake Pontchartrain from New Orleans, the experience would be incomplete without carefully crafted design and decor that emphasize the quality of the food and the distinct character of the location. With a name drawn from the region’s history—an ox-lot is a term inherited from the French, referring to the central space within a city block—the aesthetic combines fine dining’s delicate craft with the town's rustic charm. A twelve-foot farm table hewn by a local carpenter from a single cypress tree once submerged in the Louisiana swamps anchors the dining room. Paired with a wood paneled wall and nearby bar, the warm, natural tones strike a complementary contrast with upscale details like tufted banquettes upholstered in velvety blue, three-foot tarnished-steel sconces handmade in Mobile, Alabama, and a floor carefully tiled in a cream-colored hexagon with dark, “oyster shell” grouting. Oxlot 9’s hand-drawn logo brings together the restaurant’s signature elements. As a fish, it highlights the featured fare, yet the curve of its tail also makes it a nine. Such thoughtful attention to detail reflects the kind of quality patrons happily expect from start to finish during their Oxlot 9 experience.